Tuesday, 10 January 2012

super man vs goku

if goku were to fight super man who would win

give me your opinin in the comments


  1. Goku, cause i boughted him some kryptonite and he wore it and then superman was weak and Goku beat his ass ...

  2. ooooo goku is winnin at da moment :D

  3. GOKU would annihilate stupid Superman.

    Kamehameha, Kai-o-ken (Kai-o-what? *gets punched* xD), Spirit Bomb (although that would probably take too long to charge).

    Of course, this entire idea is impossible. Dispite the fact that they exist in different universes, Goku is now living with *cough* Shenron.
    Sorry if you haven't seen GT yet. :P