Wednesday, 4 April 2012

yuiro hanma vs the incredible hulk

for those of you who watch baki the grappler or the avengers or read marvel comics

                                                   who would win in a fight

                                       YUIRO HANMA VS THE INCREDIBLE HULK


  1. hhhhmmmmmmmm i wud actually disagree

  2. Well, i don't know who YUIRO HANMA is.

  3. hulk
    hulk can jump into the atmosphere and grab a meteor and smash the earth with it, yujiro can top the earthquake with its punch; go figure.

  4. correction: hulk can jump into the outerspace, not atmosphere, sorry.

    yujiro has to avoid bullets while hulk can withstand laser, cannon, bullets, extreme heat and cold and come out like nothing has happened to hulk.
    hulk can also create a portal by ripping apart the space-time continuum, and what about yujiro?

    1. yujiro hanma killed a polar bear with his bare hands
      and took on the yasha ape with his bare hands and took on a hundred men fully armed with his bare hands lol.

      Also hulk can transorm into bruce banner then who would save him yuiro also has immense power but has brains aswell, he can out smart the hulk.

      Planet hulk or maestro yes that would be an unpredictable fight,but savage huldoest stand a chance.

    2. BlackDragon you are an absolute fuking retard
      yujiro can kill polar bear with his bear hand and stop earthquake with one punch therefore you think he can kill someone who can destroy the earth in 1 second easily? and also if hulk transforms back to bruce, then hes not hulk, hes bruce baner. your logic is fuked up.